God says: Rest your dogs. Sit a spell. Let me take care of things for a while.

When you start writing a blog like this one, suggesting the things you get to do because you’re a Christian, you’re bound to stir up some folks who come back at you with lines like: “God created human beings, not human doings!”

Okay, you’ve said it. And I’m going to take a guess why. You’re tired of doing. You’re ready to stop for a while.

Thank goodness God agrees.

Part of what God tells us to do is rest. Just like God rests. That’s one of the first things God points out in the Bible. He worked really hard creating the world – then He rested.

God created beings that require rest!

Think for a minute about the kind of being God created when we were made. We were created as beings that required rest every single day – most of us for about a third of the hours of the day. God created us with some amazing abilities to stay awake for additional hours when needed to deal with special circumstances: caring for young children, bringing in a harvest before frost, piling sandbags before an approaching flood. But going without sleep always catches up with us. Because we were designed to need rest.

To rest is to ‘let go and let God’

The time that we rest is time that we trust God, and God alone, to handle all of our many concerns. I love the story, told about one minister, whose evening prayer was: “Okay God, I’m going to bed now. It’s your turn to take care of things.”

So if you’re worn out from doing, doing, doing … try doing some resting. It’s okay by God.

“… anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his.” (Heb. 4:10)

God made Christians for: resting

What keeps you from taking the time for refreshment you need?

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