Can we really claim ‘Jesus’ as our ‘personal brand’?

Every professional conference I go to, almost every business blog I open, someone is reminding me that I need to “build my brand.” Not my corporate brand, my personal brand. The one that has distinctives like: integrity, quality, fairness …

GotJesusLogoNot so long ago, we would have called those “character traits” or “virtues” – things that are developed and grown from the inside out and are intended for permanence. Not “brand distinctives” that can be stitched on today, then ripped off tomorrow in response to new market realities.

But I’ve been reading some recent Christian writers and bloggers, and it seems like a lot of us have felt like our faith is like a designer we wear – and one that fits most of us about as comfortably as those skinny jeans.

How often do you hear someone talk about your faith in terms like: “People should see our lives and want what we have.”

Who owns who anyway?

Since when was God something any one of us could have?

Never! God has me. And because of that, I am become something completely different than I once was. I have been remade as God’s workmanship – the word connotes a poem or a work of art, a designer product! – created fresh and new to do good works that are already laid out ready for me to step into.

I can’t show anyone what I have through faith, and I certainly can’t show them what they will have through faith. I can only walk into the designer life that God created just for me.

I can’t wear the “Christian” brand. If you want to use “brand” language, I am one small portion of the Christian brand. I am one person God remade in Christ, doing the works he prepared for me. And every Christian that you meet can offer another facet of the incomparable, unfathomable, and utterably-impossible-to-fully-depict-in-this-world vision of who God in Christ is.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)

God made Christians for: Discovering and living our designer identity in Christ.

What surprised you about your new designer identity as you followed Christ?

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