20 Bible principles for day-to-day business dealings

When you start to scan the Bible for guidance about how to handle your job, it’s amazing how specific it becomes. Here are just a handful of the directions I found:

1. Do not defraud anyone (Lev. 19:13)

2. “Do not steal, lie, or deceive one another.” (Lev. 19:11)

3. Do not take advantage of one another in business (Lev. 25:14)

4. Do not oppress a stranger in business (Ex. 22:21)

5. Do not take advantage of one another (Lev. 25:17)

6. Do not take advantage of widows and orphans. (Ex. 22:22)

7. Return lost articles to their owners (Dt. 22: 1-3)

8. Do not take bribes. (Ex. 23:8)

9. Do not use dishonest weights or measures (Lev. 19:35)

10. Do not possess dishonest weights or measures (Deut. 25:13-14) Thank you, Commissioner of Weights and Measures!

11. Do not alter land boundaries (Deut. 19:14) Surveyors, here’s the validation for your hard work.

12. If a roof is being used as living space, build a guard rail so no one will fall accidentally. (Deut. 22:8) Here’s your first building code, right in the Word of God.

13. Do not refuse to help a person or animal that is collapsing. (Exodus 23:5) AAA, tow truck drivers, and all the emergency workers in the world: here’s your “great commission” for what you do every day.

14. A judge must not show partiality to the rich. (Lev. 19:15)
15. A judge must not show partiality to the poor. (Lev. 19:15)

16. A witness must report wrong-doing and testify in a matter under investigation (Lev. 5:1)
17. A witness must not give false testimony. (Ex. 20:16)

18. A judge must not condemn an innocent person. (Ex. 23:7)

19. A decision must not be given before a matter is fully investigated. (Deut. 19:18) This one applies to us all, doesn’t it?

20. Do not endanger your neighbor’s life. (Lev. 19:16)

If we are not to endanger our neighbors’ lives, can we risk the lives of others for such potential social benefits as a new medication or more fuel? Why or why not?

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