Frantically ‘all about Jesus’ this Christmas


Neon Coconut Cupcakes I made for a party

We know Christmas is all about Jesus. What makes it frantic is that it’s all about Jesus and …

… helping make sure there’s gifts for more than 2,100 Angel Tree children.

… rehearsing for a full-orchestra church Christmas cantata.

… decorating a tree and a wreath.

… baking for the “don’t you want to join our Bible study?” table in the lobby during the cantata.

… wrapping “white elephant” gifts for the church staff party.

… and making sure my outfit is ready for the cantata.

… going to Disney on Ice with lots of our Spanish friends, thanks to the United Way.

… watching the dishes and laundry pile up because there are too many other things to do.

… and taking cookies to the neighbors.

… not daring to put out the terracotta nativity from Peru, because the cats have already broken one king’s head off his neck.

… going out with our Bible study family and friends, and having potluck with our cantata family, and Christmas dinner with the brother who lives in a nearby group home.

Our Christmas is so simple, compared to many friends. Our families are so scattered, we don’t even try to visit them all any more. And there is a tacit agreement that gifts are neither required nor desired … although one sister-in-law has been looking with longing at the jewelry I design, and for her, a necklace is almost finished, redesigned three times by the cats who have jumped onto my bead board.

So simple, and yet so packed with things to do. And it’s not that the things we do have nothing to do with the baby who was born outside the inn. It’s just that we need to be sure we are remembering him as we do these things, so they become gifts to him.

December is a good month to play Frank Laubach‘s Minute Game. To try to remember, at least once a minute, that it is by God’s strength and power that you accomplish whatever you are doing.

Maybe then this monthly overload of seasonal chores will become more nearly the worship we need it to be … and God deserves.

God bless us, each and every one!

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Writer, editor, publicist, communications project manager ... I've written technology and infrastructure; I used to edit New England Church Life and The New England Christian and I've freelanced to publications ranging from Commonweal to Christianity Today. I'm now living in my hometown in Maine and am speaking about global perspectives on suicide prevention.
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  1. margaret says:

    Carlene…lovely, Christmas, just as it should be! And the cupcakes – they look wonderful!
    Merry Christmas Dear Friend!

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