Do you remember anything useful from Sunday School?

SundaySchoolLogoGirl Scouts … Boys & Girls Clubs … Sunday School. How much do we remember, and how much have these childhood institutions changed our lives and thoughts? 

I was a Brownie Girl Scout for less than a year — not quite all of third grade. Long enough to earn three badges, now buried under broken brooches at the bottom of one of my jewelry boxes. Long enough for my mother to get fed up with the brutally competitive cookie sale. But in that short time, I learned the Girl Scout Code, set to a familiar tune and sung together, probably every week:

“A Girl Scout’s honor’s to be trusted.
Loyal is she.
Helpful to others.
A friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout …”

One of my friends can still recite, verbatim, the Code of the Boys & Girls Club he learned when he joined at the age of 6.

“I believe in God and the right to worship according to my own faith and religion. I believe in America and the American way of life, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I believe in fair play, honesty, and sportsmanship. I believe in my Boys & Girls club, which stands for these things.”

When it comes to Sunday school, what do you recall? For me, there’s …

“Zaccheus was a wee little fellow, and a wee little fellow was he …”

Jesus loves the little children …”

Jesus loves me, this I know …”

That’s not much to build a life on. I’m glad that children’s Sunday school is much more solid where we attend now. It’s so solid that some parents go to Sunday school with their kids instead of worship or any other adult programs.

Are kids and adults getting solid foundations where you worship? How?

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