Umbrellas of love

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You ever find yourself rushing out the door on a morning when you know rain has been forecast but you’re running way too fast to remember to grab your umbrella?

And then, wherever you are, you find yourself marooned, a deluge away from your car.

Today, I learned that the usher team at our church has gigantic umbrellas. And they walk you to your car if you forgot yours.

That’s practical Christian love. Thanks, guys, gals, and even kids (because they had to recruit some extra help today!).

“Love covers a multitude of sins” … including bad planning on a day we all knew would be rainy.


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2 Responses to Umbrellas of love

  1. Hi Carlene.

    This is an absolutely fantastic idea. It shows that your church loves people in the little things, as well as the big things.

    Also, wanted to thank you for your kind words over in Jon Acuffs space. Then, just for kicks, more thanks for your own words here. I’ll be adding this blog to my ‘to-read’ list.


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