Anger: a strong subject!

AngryWomanAfter last week’s discussion of envy, God‘s pushing some more uncomfortable stuff to the front. (Have you ever noticed how God can be like that?) So this week it’s anger … a particularly strong subject. I practice anger a couple different ways:

Hold a grudge. I’ve been cranky for years at a person who used to say I lived too far away to visit … and drove past my house every weekend to visit someone else. Now that I do live too far away to visit, she’s too busy for me to stop in when I am in town. There are organizations I’ve disliked for years because I believe they’ve broken their mission promise to be supportive. The question, as always, is whether there’s a telephone pole in my own eye …

Fight unnecessary battles. I can get upset with organizations for failures that don’t affect me; failures that affect friends; failures that could affect people I don’t know. I can write insightful, inciteful responses when I receive surveys that are clearly seeking fluffy good cheer for their future marketing. Sometimes I remember not to send what I’ve written. It’s not my job to judge other people’s servants.

Is it or is it not outrageous that I can say “I practice anger” ? My job, as a member of Christ, is to practice forgiveness and grace. Now I’m in print as accountable. Crap!

How do you “practice anger” ? How are you going to stop?

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  1. Heidi Smid says:

    The most valuable, practical article I’ve ever read on anger, by John Piper. Helped me immensely about 8 years ago!

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