Who should sacrifice to meet urgent needs?

William and Kate

A moment in the royal wedding.

Some of my friends have taken umbrage at the cost of the royal wedding in the face of the recent — and continuing — crisis in Japan. “Why don’t they send even $1 million of what the wedding cost to Japan?” is what I saw on Facebook.

Here’s an alternative: Why don’t we send $1 million of the $4.6 trillion that American Christians will spend in religious bookstores this year on Bibles, religious-themed novels, T-shirts that say “God forgives you and I’m trying,” and thousands of other Christians tschotschkes that may not save anyone’s soul and certainly won’t save anyone’s life.

As we used to say, “You’re the only Bible some people will read.” And I have to wonder: If you’re all decked out like a Jesse tree, will they ever get to the Word?

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  1. Cecy says:

    Good point, Carlene! Thanks for publishing this: many people may have the same thought cross their mind, but…

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