Blog stats: More than one-third of visitors live outside US

WordPress offers many ways to review statistics about who reads your blog, and here’s one that has always fascinated me about mine:

More than a third of my readers are not from the US.

In the past month, the visits to this blog have come from:

Europe – 14%

Africa – 3%

Asia – 4%

Australia/New Zealand – 5%

(Arab) Middle East – 4%

Central/South America – 2%

Canada – 5%

US – 66%

So, my overseas friends, what brings you here? And I’m very glad you came!

About Carlene Byron

Writer, editor, publicist, communications project manager ... I've written technology and infrastructure; I used to edit New England Church Life and The New England Christian and I've freelanced to publications ranging from Commonweal to Christianity Today. I'm now living in my hometown in Maine and am speaking about global perspectives on suicide prevention.
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2 Responses to Blog stats: More than one-third of visitors live outside US

  1. Cec Barker says:

    You’re my friend, so I come here to find out what’s on your mind, though so far away. I love the way you challenge me to think about issues which are so easy to slide over and discard. Your perspective on what makes America tick is instructive, provocative, down-to-earth and downright enjoyable because you help me understand it. Please carry on!

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