What about ‘class warfare’? Sunday takeout


Yesterday, as part of a “Recovery Road” series, Pastor Terry challenged us again to let the recovery begin within and among ourselves.

He urged us not to allow ourselves to hold hatred against groups of people simply because of their membership in a specific, often maligned group:

  • People of a different race or ethnicity, whom some dislike because they’re “other” (racism) or because of beliefs that they don’t belong in “our” country taking “our” jobs.
  • People who are poor, who some think have “earned” their suffering due to poor character that prevents good life choices and others shun out of fear that their circumstances could be “contagious” in the current economy.
  • People who are wealthy, who some believe have gained their position through market manipulations and other self-centered exploitation that has helped to undermine the economy in which we all live.

As pastor said yesterday: resentment is not an option in any direction. Lack of generosity is a failing in Christians. We are not free to make assumptions about why or how someone has become wealthy or poor.

Likewise, we are not free to ignore those in need — whether those in need of financial assistance or those in need of a life purpose that has integrity.

Part of the “good news” in even the current economy is that the poor continue to give 2-3 times as much (by % of income) to charity as those with middle and upper incomes.

“How happy are you who own nothing, for the kingdom of God is yours!” (Luke 6:20)

How has the Great Recession changed your way of living your faith?


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