Saturday in the Sanctuary: Saved by the Cross … Literally!

 When I was researching an article recently, I came across this story about the seasonal hanging of the boughs by Nathaniel Campbell on He describes a time when he knows that that the Cross of Christ rescued him. What about you? Has Jesus ever saved you from disaster?

Normally, the hanging of the boughs was done by a member of the parish who also worked construction and had the gigantic, super-safe extension ladder required for the task. But that year, he wasn’t available. So I did it, perched on the church’s own relic of an extension ladder.

The problematic point was over the altar. Ours is set back against the wall and upon  a three-step footpace: old-style it is. The only way to set the ladder was at an angle much lower than is supposed to be safe.

So with my mother at the base to keep the ladder from sliding, I slowly ascended above the altar and the crucifix hanging on the wall above it to attach the evergreen boughs to the hook at the base of the rafters.

All of a sudden, the foot of the ladder began to slip outward. I clung to the top for dear life as it slid down the wall, headed for the hard marble altar below.

And then the miracle happened. The top of the ladder caught and stopped short upon the cross beam of the crucifix. Quite literally, the Cross saved me!

(Unfortunately, the ladder also snapped the fingers off of Christ’s left hand. A generous benefactor paid for them to be fixed before Easter.)

How has Jesus saved you from your own idiocy, failure, stupidity, catastrophic decisions? If “God makes all things work together for good for those who love Him, who are the called according to his purpose.” (Rom. 8:28) what good has God brought from seemingly disastrous circumstances thanks to the power of Jesus saving you?



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