Commandment: ‘Steady the Weak Knees’

Commandment of the Day: "Strengthen the Feeble hands, Steady the weak knees, say to those with fearful hearts, your God will come to save you." Isaiah 35:3-4 (c) 2013 Carlene Hill Byron Commandment of the Day: Be Kind and Compassionate (c) Carlene Hill Byron 2013

Yesterday I was immersed in our local disability community. My web design class is working on access issues and the Mayor’s Task Force on Disability met. All of this brought Isaiah 35: 3-4 to mind.

God’s commandment through Isaiah to “steady the weak knees” seems to be describing those who were weak from lack of courage. In his time, the only way to strengthen a physically weakened knee would be to lean on a cane or another person.

Weak from Fear, Weak from Age

But I did find myself thinking of those whose knees and hands are weak from age or other disabilities and who find themselves fearful for their future as a result.

I’m sure all of us know people whose health insurance has allowed them to have a knee replaced or to have carpal tunnel surgery to repair damage done by keyboarding stress. I’m sure we also know others who are just walking more slowly, have replaced their cast iron skillets with light-weight stainless, and made other compromises.

Steadied with Loaner Wheelchairs

For the April 27 Spring Daze arts festival here, our Task Force on Disability will be providing loaner wheelchairs to those who are likely to tire while viewing the many top-flight juried art vendors. It’s a very small thing. And while it may not “steady the weak knees,” it will at least allow them to enjoy the arts with less pain.

Commandment of the Day: ” … steady the weak knees …”

Who do you know who is helping to “strengthen the feeble hands … steady the weak knees”? Let’s help each other know who can be leaned on.

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