Commandment: Work Two Kinds of Job

Commandment of the Day: "Sow your seed in the morning ..." christianpurposeblog (c) 2013 Carlene Hill Byron Commandment of the Day: "Strengthen the Feeble hands, Steady the weak knees, say to those with fearful hearts, your God will come to save you." Isaiah 35:3-4 christianpurposeblog (c) 2013 Carlene Hill Byron

For those who are juggling multiple income streams trying to make ends meet, isn’t it good to know that God has seen this before? Not only has God seen it, God has a strategy for successfully managing this situation.

Morning Job, Evening Job

“Sow your seed in the morning” and then work at something else in the evening, God says, because you don’t know whether one or the other or both will be successful. God knows, but you don’t. So keep working at things.

What If There Are No Jobs?

The official unemployment rate is 7.6 percent — those adults unemployed and actively seeking work. The true unemployment rate is, of course, considerably higher. Many people are actively seeking work while cobbling together an income from odd jobs, freelance or consulting work. They count as self-employed, whether or not that is their preference. Call them “jobs creators.”

Don’t We Get Any Time Off?

If God says to work in the morning and the evening, the question has to arise when people get a break. Especially for those who are working way too hard for way too little, be reassured: God says, “Yes, there is time off!” The answer is that we are not only allowed time off, we are expected to take time off. God needed it and we do, too.  Every seventh day is a day of rest. During the week, we need to take the sleep our bodies are designed to require. God made most of us to require between seven and eight hours of sleep. God has built in some flex to meet urgent needs — like those of our children in their early months — but we can’t presume on that flexibility as a long-term strategy. Otherwise, we’ll stretch the fiber of our being beyond what it is designed to self-repair.

So work in the morning. Work in the evening. Sleep at night. Enjoy the sabbath. God knows what will profit. Trust God.

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