Commandment: Wait for Enough Witnesses

I used to live close to where the bombing happened yesterday and drove across the Marathon route daily to work. Someone I know used to lead volunteer efforts for a major corporate sponsor of the Marathon. If she hadn’t changed jobs, she could have been at Ground Zero. One friend I checked in with described the wildly circuitous detour she had to take to get home last night because of all the closed streets. Another friend wept when he saw the front of the sports section in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, declaring that city’s solidarity with Boston. “We are Chicago Patriots.”

Soon, we will stop reeling from the shock of it. We will have run out of opportunities to assist those in crisis (although God bless the many, many people whose first response was to become first responders with hospitality and support!). When impotence leaves room for fear, let us not allow fear to open the door to unjust judgment.

In the words of a former Homeland Security official:

“It is smart now not to make conclusions, because if you lead in one direction, it means the real perpetrator has time to leave, has time to get out of the investigators’ sight …”

Juliette Kayyem, CNN, Former Asst Sect’y for
Intergovernmental Affairs, Dept of Homeland Security


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