Fun, Inspiration, and Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow Peep gets a caffeine bath

Marshmallow Peep gets a caffeine bath

Why is it that Peeps are inherently more inspiring than marshmallows?

You can do lots of fun things with marshmallows.  When I was a kid, we used them for the heads of little people we made from apples with gumdrop limbs. I personally favor the PVC-pipe marshmallow gun because I like pyrotechnics and explosions. Unfortunately, I can’t actually shoot a marshmallow gun because I was so powerfully conditioned by my (military) father not to aim any weapon-like object at any human unless I was authorized to do damage. Not being so authorized, I’ve never been able to play even laser tag. That early conditioning is hard to overcome. Not that it’s a bad conditioning at all …

But Peeps … There’s a reason why you see Peeps diorama contests every spring, why people melt them under magnifying glasses and explode them in microwaves.

Peeps are marshmallows that just gotta have fun. When we see a marshmallow, we drop it into something chocolate. When we see a Peep, we see a marshmallow that’s already gone above and beyond. It’s inspired and it inspires us.

Life is more than fun times, but sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration to find a new route through challenging and responsible times. That’s what Peeps are for.

Learn how to make your own PVC-pipe marshmallow gun from Instructables, one of the web’s best resources for fun DIY projects!

As much as I love pyrotechnics, I never met anyone named after anything like that until today: one of the two curators of a fabulous Raleigh, NC Pop-Up art gallery whose name is Breshnaa — “lightning” in Pashtun, the language of Pakistan. Why can’t we have such great names in English? Check out the current show and upcoming events there!

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