Only 1 in 6 Viewers Agrees With the Critics About This Movie

The critics hate it. Audiences love it. Who will you agree with?MomsNightOutCriticsThere used to be “movies” that were widely advertised and showed everywhere and “restricted movies” that kids sneaked into and only adults were supposed to see.

Now there are “movies” with lots of advertising and theater space and “Christian movies” that parents drag their kids to and no one wants to see. Or so the story goes. “Mom’s Night Out” is one of those.


The story is about three stay-at-home moms who are going bonkers from stress and really need a night out on their own. The night goes bad — crazy bad. But no one gets drunk, stoned, or injured (well, except for one parakeet named “Mama”, and if you stay for the full credits at the end, which I wholeheartedly encourage, you will learn that “Mama” was not injured in the making of this film.) What’s more, in an epic car chase, there isn’t a single wrecked vehicle. For those old enough to remember, think of Steven Spielberg’s first epic car chase, in his first theatrical feature, “The Sugarland Express.”

When you see a name like Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings) on the marquee, you know that the producers either have some serious backing or Sean Astin has some faith you didn’t know about. Turns out that at least it’s true Sean Astin is Christian. Count in country singer Trace Adkins, who plays the role of a biker and tattoo artist named Bones who tells one of the most poignant testimonies of a mother’s faithfulness from childhood that you can ever imagine.

When I made the graphics, the reviews were running 85% critics against, 86% audiences for, on the review consolidator  site Rotten Tomatoes. Now they’re at 83% critics against, 87% audiences for. And you know what? Smarty-pants critics can’t scare me. I’m going to the movies. So, as the old union song set to the old Baptist hymn asks: “Which side are you on?”

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