How Long, O Lord?

Free Inspirational Poster - Joy Comes at 12:01 am

I hope a reader can tell me who this quote belongs to because I love it!

When we remind ourselves of God’s promise that “joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5), it’s easy to imagine long, sleepless nights just waiting … and waiting … and waiting … for the dawn to break.

And honestly, that’s probably what God means in this passage. Because God wrote this passage to people who lived in an agricultural world, long before any artificial lighting other than firelight and torches. They knew the passage of hours in the night, but they were still nighttime hours. The “late shift” stayed awake for the first watch of the night, then, three hours later, turned over responsibility for public safety to the second watch of the night, then the third. Sunrise marked the beginning of the day’s watches.

Still, whoever said this, I love the eager hope and anticipation.

Joy comes in the morning, and morning starts at 12:01 am.

(Or, if you are really, really eager, you could say it’s morning at 12:00:01 am.)

What it really comes down to is this:

Joy comes.

We don’t create it; we can’t force it; but joy comes.

Thanks be to God!

(and enjoy the free inspirational poster!)

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