Comfort: Listed and Lost

If I had to describe in 2 phrases how I find comfort, this is what I’d say:

  • I make lists
  • I get lost

When I make to-do lists, I establish exactly where I am and where I expect to go. My father, who would probably be diagnosed today with OCD instead of acknowledged as “eccentric”, kept lists of his music and video collections. In the late 20th century, that meant he typed, on an old manual typewriter, 3×5 index cards for each video title, each recorded song. By his death, these filled 10 card file drawers 18 inches deep.

My own “eccentric” list, in this age of “grace-filled” Christian living, is a catalog of what God expects from us. It starts with the 600-plus commands that Jewish people locate in the Pentateuch alone, then adds more than 2000 more from only about 2/3 of the books of the Bible.

The list would be much longer, of course, if I included not just direct orders (of the “Do this, not that” variety) but also the many ways that God tells us God will change our lives.

List-making actually comforts me. It creates a safe, well-ordered framework for whatever it is that I’m thinking about.

But when even adding to a list is more than I can manage, I get lost … usually in a book. So I found it entertaining when I discovered this one in a used book bin. And I promptly got lost in this light, and very funny book.


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2 Responses to Comfort: Listed and Lost

  1. Wow. Over 2000 commands! Interesting and daunting facts. I am thankful for grace and that all these commands can be summed up in two: “Love God with everything.” “Love people.” Visiting from FMF.

    • Carlene Hill Byron says:

      I, too, am thankful for grace. And I am thankful for so much detailed guidance so I better understand what loving God and neighbor looks like!

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