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The former editor of New England Church Life and The New England Christian, Carlene Hill Byron is enjoying being home in Maine after 20 years in North Carolina. She is a member of the Redbud Writers Guild. Find her at, and on Facebook at MyHouseHasHistory.

Live Gratefully and Generously in 21 Careers that Please God

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, the supermarket parking lot was jammed. Some friends and I had parked ourselves by every entrance, hawking “shopping lists” of the items most needed in our local food pantry. Our hope was that in six hours … Continue reading

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Understated, Essential Spring Blooms

Every spring we wait impatiently for our crocus and daffodils to burst from the earth, then from their buds. We breathe deeply to receive the scent of hyacinths and star magnolias. Other valuable spring blooms are all but invisible. Have … Continue reading

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I was attacked. He was convicted of drunk driving. Why women don’t report.

When I was assaulted by a stranger nearly 40 years ago, I was a professional with a lawyer for a boyfriend. Still, the court only convicted my assailant of driving while intoxicated. If a professional with private counsel couldn’t make an … Continue reading

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Unrushed … not by choice!

It seems extraordinarily ironic to see the prompt “rush” on a day when I’m sitting on my back patio, waiting for my brother to help break into my house because I locked my keys inside and can’t leave for work. … Continue reading

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Am I a Bird or a Car?

I’m listening to birdsong and highway roar from my patio, and I wonder why I can even hear the birds. Are the birds louder? Or are they just different? What if birds imitated highway sound because that’s what most people … Continue reading

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