Bible Questions

Big Bible Questions is a place where I take a stab at some of those oversize issues that everyone is always bugged by. Your comments — and big questions — very welcome.

Current posts include:

How do you start being a Christian?

Isn’t good karma enough?

Whose sin is the worst sin?

What’s most important?

You’ll find others listed in the menu bar above.

Future posts to include:

Why is the Old Testament so bloody?

Who was Jesus?

Why is the Bible full of contradictions?

1 Response to Bible Questions

  1. notsamson says:

    The bible says that we are the temple of God (1 corinth 3:16)…. if so, what is the purpose of going to church. why do you go to church?

    And if we are the temple of God, what does that make the church building? ….. the house of God?

    pls post your responses on so that our readers may benefit from your views. thanks

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