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Dancing with a Mountain

What if the mountains really will skip like goats? Can I join the dance? Continue reading

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Memories to Touch: The Ornaments We Created

Reader Sue Damm considers what makes some of her Christmas ornaments among her most prized possessions. Continue reading

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Longing for a New Home

Two pairs of black eyes keep popping above the surface of the lotus pond, always peering east toward the big lake some 30 yards away, just off the property. Last year they were tadpoles; this year they are frogs who … Continue reading

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Dean Koontz on a Cruise: Beauty in the Hurricane:

This week’s assignments include a piece about author Dean Koontz’s work. While doing the research, I came across this fun out-take from an interview. It a great reminder that there is beauty in life’s storms, even when they seem to destroy what we’ve … Continue reading

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Genius Inventor Insisted: Introversion Saves Lives

Nikola Tesla is widely considered the greatest scientific mind of his time, with more than 300 patents registered and the invention of alternating current as only his most widely known creation. Tesla was the kind of thinker who, when swept away by … Continue reading

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