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Celebrations: Eat, Drink, and Shoot Fireworks (Ecclesiastes for the 4th of July)

The constant refrain of “meaningless!” gives Ecclesiastes a reputation as a particularly dismal book of the Bible. As I read it today, I hear the Teacher offering a particularly contemporary counsel: Be grateful. Enjoy today. Celebrate every good thing you … Continue reading

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How to Contain the Immigrant Threat

Newly naturalized Americans can’t imagine that the US would ‘patrol and secure’ them. But we’ve done it to Italians and Japanese before. What does God say? Continue reading

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I Never Expected to Have This in Common with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert and I both live in the Southeast and are Christians. I found our unexpected commonality in an interview excerpt on Mockingbird. We both think the Christian life has the same clear distinctive. Here’s my (republished) explanation.  So what are Christians for? I don’t … Continue reading

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Longing for a New Home

Two pairs of black eyes keep popping above the surface of the lotus pond, always peering east toward the big lake some 30 yards away, just off the property. Last year they were tadpoles; this year they are frogs who … Continue reading

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10 Green Commandments for Earth Day (part 2)

Part 1 looked at God’s commandments that establish the right place of animals and plants in the creation. Here we continue into the built environment and the place of creation in redemption. Our Responsibilities in the Built Environment We are … Continue reading

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