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Dancing with a Mountain

What if the mountains really will skip like goats? Can I join the dance? Continue reading

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Touch a Memory: Christmas Gifts from Choir

During the holidays we open boxes and boxes of memories, often touching on our families and the love we have shared. Through Epiphany, I will be touching memories on this, my first Christmas without parents or spouse. Continue reading

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I Envy God as a Writer

I’m not sure why I see God as a writer using old writing tools that are more recent than the Bible, but that’s how I imagine it. Sometimes it seems as if God is sitting at long table in the … Continue reading

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Love and Grace and How to Tell the Difference

I recently enjoyed Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” He’s steering me back to the God I knew before I moved to the Bible Belt — the God who is, in the words of one person Yancey quotes, “very fond … Continue reading

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Welcoming the Prodigals Among Us

A well-dressed woman, reflecting on today’s sermon illustration about a prodigal, told our pastor: “You know, I was a runaway, too. When I came home, my mother said the family was happier without me.” Continue reading

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