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Patrick Kennedy’s #1 Tip for Beating Depression: Love Your Neighbor

Former US Senator Patrick Kennedy says the best advice he ever got for beating depression was to love others. Continue reading

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Miracles Really Do Happen

Receding tide off Haverigg Beach (Andrew Woodhall) / CC BY-SA 2.0 More later …

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Are We Really to ‘Trust and Obey’ Abusive Husbands?

Here’s my Wesleyan confession: I read the long version of the Westminster Confession (all 190-plus Q&A) for the first time a few weeks ago. I found some surprises. The biggest was that one of the sins considered forbidden by the … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Good Spiritual Fruit?

Fruit is something that comes with God’s Spirit, people often remind us. The fruit of God’s Spirit includes love, joy, peace, and such (Galatians 5). There’s no law against such things: these are some of the things that God is … Continue reading

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Blasphemy: To Bad-Mouth God

When I slander the Creator and Ruler of the universe, I blaspheme. And although I’m already forgiven, do I really want to speak of my heavenly Father that way? Continue reading

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