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Commandments: 17 Kinds of Sexual Sin God Says to Avoid

We talk a lot about sex in the conservative church, mostly of the homosexual variety. In fact, my church recently did “the sex sermon” and none of the texts referenced adultery, fornication, lust, or any of the majority of the … Continue reading

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Colonies, taxes, and interest rates: Sunday takeout

When Nehemiah returned to govern Israel, he was still serving Babylon. Try to imagine if you were given the chance to rebuild the fallen White House after years of colonial occupation and exile by a guns-and-drugs nation. Continue reading

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Rulers we can respect: Sunday takeout

Great thought-provoking content by Pastor Ryan Sunday about the need to elect leaders we can respect, no matter what their party affiliation. Bipartisan Christianity The thing about Christianity is that it tends to enforce bipartisanship: you’re supposed to treat everyone … Continue reading

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Christians: Vote NO on ‘marriage’ amendment

God cares about families and marriage. But this amendment overreaches. It defines marriage, then it ends protections for vulnerable elderly and keeps people from visiting hospitalized friends. VOTE NO, then re-think what you really want. Continue reading

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Answers to your questions about Christianity (and everything): Q&A Day

Based on the searches that bring readers to this blog, this week I answer a few of your most urgent questions. Continue reading

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