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God Says: Love Others by Sharing (Chocolates and Good Things)

Praise, good deeds, and sharing with others are all “sacrifices” God asks from us today. But would I sacrificially share my chocolates? Continue reading

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God Says: Love God

Love of God and love of neighbor are even more inseparable than identical twins. Both loves grow together, or neither grows healthy. Continue reading

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God Says: Love Your Enemies … But How?

People who treat me badly, people who bring their own troubles on themselves … God offers surprising expectations for how I treat them. Continue reading

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Touch a Memory: Mantel with Mugs

The dining room mantel in our home was a place to display precious things — like the watering pot hand-decorated by my mother’s painting teacher and the black pitcher that was among the “mid-century modern” she collected before she ended … Continue reading

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Love and Grace and How to Tell the Difference

I recently enjoyed Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” He’s steering me back to the God I knew before I moved to the Bible Belt — the God who is, in the words of one person Yancey quotes, “very fond … Continue reading

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