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I Never Expected to Have This in Common with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert and I both live in the Southeast and are Christians. I found our unexpected commonality in an interview excerpt on Mockingbird. We both think the Christian life has the same clear distinctive. Here’s my (republished) explanation.  So what are Christians for? I don’t … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want to Die Like Kurt Cobain?

“Born to Die” singer Lana Del Rey told The Guardian, UK, this week that she wished she was already dead, like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Not that she plans to check out, but she’s just tired of doing the … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: “It makes sense to believe in God …”

Interviewed in the new issue of Rolling Stone, philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates acknowledges that the world is “overwhelmingly amazing and there’s no scientific explanation of how it all came about.” “To say that it was generated by random … Continue reading

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Great Christian Business Leaders Belong to Great Teams

President Barack Obama has been taking a lot of heat lately for saying that no one person has built a business by him or herself. I’m glad Christians recognize the Scripture reference immediately. Continue reading

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Mel Gibson as ‘The Beaver’ — a chance to re-engineer his life?

(October 10, 2011) –We’ve just finished Mental Illness Awareness Week and “The Beaver” comes out on DVD today. Almost everyone loves to hate Gibson now. Most people love to hate this movie, too — not that most people have a clue … Continue reading

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