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Humility by the sea

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I Envy God as a Writer

I’m not sure why I see God as a writer using old writing tools that are more recent than the Bible, but that’s how I imagine it. Sometimes it seems as if God is sitting at long table in the … Continue reading

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How Bad is Bad? God’s People Shun the ‘Sinner’

I’ve been thinking about how women and men I know have suffered as their congregations part around them — not a God-driven parting like the Red Sea but a thunderous rupture as a huge crevasse opens in the congregation during the … Continue reading

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Are We Really to ‘Trust and Obey’ Abusive Husbands?

Here’s my Wesleyan confession: I read the long version of the Westminster Confession (all 190-plus Q&A) for the first time a few weeks ago. I found some surprises. The biggest was that one of the sins considered forbidden by the … Continue reading

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Weeding Out Sin is Hard Work

Have you ever seen horsetail reed growing in a garden? If you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen a yard full. Horsetail is one of those overpoweringly invasive plants that is almost impossible to kill. The garden above began with just a … Continue reading

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