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Are We Really to ‘Trust and Obey’ Abusive Husbands?

Here’s my Wesleyan confession: I read the long version of the Westminster Confession (all 190-plus Q&A) for the first time a few weeks ago. I found some surprises. The biggest was that one of the sins considered forbidden by the … Continue reading

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God Rewards a Disobedient and Unsubmitted Wife

At the time I am writing, family relationships are one of the several subjects that have become a litmus test of faith in American Christianity. God’s story of life in God’s family, as depicted in the Bible, is much more nuanced … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want to Die Like Kurt Cobain?

“Born to Die” singer Lana Del Rey told The Guardian, UK, this week that she wished she was already dead, like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Not that she plans to check out, but she’s just tired of doing the … Continue reading

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On Romney’s 47%, Enterprise and Entitlements

As Mitt Romney has stirred the waters with his allegation that 47% of America is dependent on government entitlements, I think of a couple women whose stories mix enterprise and entitlement in confounding ways. First, my grandmother. A farm wife … Continue reading

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Christian Homemaking As Part of a Career

There’s something to be said for working at home full-time after having been full-time “at work” for years. Continue reading

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