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CEO takes $930K pay cut to give staff raises

This week’s most startling financial news comes out of Seattle, where the CEO of credit card processing firm Gravity Payments announced he would take a $930,000 pay cut to make sure every member of the firm’s staff earned at least … Continue reading

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How To Know You’re Not Breathing God’s Spirit

I’ve got a friend who uses the airline’s “oxygen mask” as a metaphor for how to live the optimum life. “You can’t help anyone else until you put your own oxygen mask on first,” she says. “We’re teaching the kids that, … Continue reading

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Genius Inventor Insisted: Introversion Saves Lives

Nikola Tesla is widely considered the greatest scientific mind of his time, with more than 300 patents registered and the invention of alternating current as only his most widely known creation. Tesla was the kind of thinker who, when swept away by … Continue reading

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Are You Planting People in the Wrong Places?

This kind of Chinese Juniper (Hetzi) grows along the foundation of our small home, where it is much too large! Designed to grow 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide, even under the landscapers’ aggressive pruning they’ve just grown sideways and flat to … Continue reading

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“Get Back Up; God’s Still With You”

Church signs and license plates aren’t messages from God … or are they? This one was just right to encourage me today. I try to avoid taking church signs as signs from God. It’s like relying on anecdotal evidence instead … Continue reading

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