God’s Purpose for You

Edward Banniusterr's Woman Walking Down a Path

Before I started this blog, I had begun collecting direction from Scripture for our lives. I had read books about finding God’s purpose for your life, and even the best would say “you’ll find guidance in Scripture” but none would go the extra mile and lay out the many different goals God sets before us. And that seemed odd to me. We have books that help us understand we are unique, and have a unique purpose, which is of course true, but as a result most of us just sit around waiting for God to show us something so spectacular that we’ll know it’s UNIQUE! and IMPORTANT! like ME!

Whereas the odds are that my unique purpose is more like I will do some ordinary Christian thing (love) for someone that no other Christian knows (my particular neighbor), or in some way that no other Christian would think of (bringing her the Sunday coupons she wants).

We have lots of “Promise books” but no “Purpose books.” No wonder we feel lost. So you’ll find links to lots of pages of Purpose here. Not that you should try to do all of them. But if today you don’t know what to do, one of these purposes might strike you as something you’d like to do. Or you might discover that you’re already doing one of them. And you can do it more, and do it knowing that you do it to the glory of God.

A necessary disclaimer: no one earns their own rescue out of the world of darkness. But God does say that those that God has rescued out of darkness will live differently … because God has remade their lives and had created opportunities for them to do good, opportunities that lie right in front of them, ready for them to walk into. So enjoy the walk.

God gives us purpose …
Among friends
At work
As we speak

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