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I Envy God as a Writer

I’m not sure why I see God as a writer using old writing tools that are more recent than the Bible, but that’s how I imagine it. Sometimes it seems as if God is sitting at long table in the … Continue reading

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Commandment: ‘Steady the Weak Knees’

Yesterday I was immersed in our local disability community. My web design class is working on access issues and the Mayor’s Task Force on Disability met. All of this brought Isaiah 35: 3-4 to mind. God’s commandment through Isaiah to … Continue reading

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Why is it Easier to Accept Gods than God? Saturdays in the City

Another cross-cultural encounter leaves me wondering why Western Christians are so drawn to the gods of other faiths. A friend recently returned from a business trip to India where she visited a temple to Shiva, a primary god in the Hindu … Continue reading

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Thursdays in the Text: Ask God

It turns out that lots of people are turning to the internet for answers that maybe they don’t dare ask their ministers. So today, we’ll initiate an “Ask God” feature as part of Thursdays in the Text, to attempt to … Continue reading

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What About Loving Christian Enemies?

How often do Christians treat each other as enemies because of some issue that is less than central to our membership in the family of God? Continue reading

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