CEO takes $930K pay cut to give staff raises

CEO Dan Price of Gravity Payments

Dan Price, who has just cut his own pay $930K to make his firm’s “minimum wage” $70K/year, graduated from a Christian high school and went to a Christian college but says this is a business decision.

This week’s most startling financial news comes out of Seattle, where the CEO of credit card processing firm Gravity Payments announced he would take a $930,000 pay cut to make sure every member of the firm’s staff earned at least $70,000 a year.

Gravity is a small firm of 120 that CEO Dan Price founded at age 19 in an effort to reduce the costs of credit card processing to small businesses. More than half the employees will get raises under his plan, some of them doubling their pay checks. Price himself will be earning $70,000 — decidedly countering the national trend which has CEOs earning, on average, 350 times as much as their lowest paid workers.  Continue reading

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Living “in” Jesus Like a Duck, a Fish, a Beaver

In the Bible, God talks about being “in” Jesus the way a branch is “in” its vine. Since most of us don’t keep vineyards, maybe we could think about something more familiar.

What would it be like to live “in” Jesus like a fish lives “in” water? The fish knows no other environment. It can survive in no other environment. Water is its home and its life. Living “in” Jesus like a fish would be to find yourself unable to survive any other way.

Chinook Salmon.

Chinook Salmon. Photo ©2007 Josh Larios. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

But, you ask, what about the land? God made it as well. Continue reading

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A Curious Child Enters the Kingdom of God


When faced with a surprising or startling experience, children as young as 11 months prefer to investigate it. Could openness to differences be one of the childlike traits we need to enter God’s Kingdom?

Jesus told us we could only enter God’s Kingdom by becoming like little children and we think immediately of some appealing traits of children:

  • How innocent children are
  • How easily they trust
  • How confidently they follow any who leads them

A new study reported in Science suggests another trait of very young infants that might also be a characteristic of those who live in God’s Kingdom: openness to new experiences. The Johns Hopkins researchers found that 11-month-old infants, confronted with objects that behaved in unpredictable ways, were more — not less — likely to spend time with that object, investigating its properties and behaviors. What would this kind of curiosity look like in the Kingdom of God? Continue reading

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Longing for a New Home

Frog eyes peer above water.

Every time I see them, the froggy eyes are facing east toward the big lake … longing for a better home? (Photo by Ranger Greg of the NC Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC)

Two pairs of black eyes keep popping above the surface of the lotus pond, always peering east toward the big lake some 30 yards away, just off the property. Last year they were tadpoles; this year they are frogs who don’t seem able to decide whether to stay in the security of their five-foot abode or risk the long journey across the lawn to the relative freedom of life in the lake. Continue reading

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Visiting ‘Home’ After My Mother’s Death

In 30 days, it will be two years since my mother died. During the first year, I visited home three times. This was written the first time I was in the house with just my father and our memories.

My mother was a shelf-stocker: she bought on sale and filled pantry and basement shelves with canned goods and a freezer with the more perishable items. It took my father six months after my mother’s memorial service to eat all of the Cheerios she had squirreled away. Then he found two more huge, warehouse store-sized boxes in another cabinet. Continue reading

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